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How to Fade Hair: How High to Cut the Fade? – Part 3:

One of the most important things to consider when you are learning how to fade hair is how high it is going to be. There are a lot of things to consider as you think about this question. Some of them include cowlicks, hair thickness, hair color, length of the bangs, shape of the head, surface of the scalp (lumps, bumps, and/or dents), moles, scars, customer’s age, customer’s job, desired hairstyle, and the customer’s preference.

A very important note to keep in mind is that no matter how good you are at fading hair, if the fade is too high or too low your customer will not think it is a good haircut. I will say it another way. If the haircut is 100% technically correct but it is not exactly what the customer wants they won’t be happy. This is especially true with the fade haircut customer. It doesn’t matter if they are a young kid or an older suit and tie professional. The fade customer is the most particular and hardest customer to please.

This article is going to cover how high cut the fade in relation to the length of the bangs. The height of the fade should be balanced properly with the length of the bangs. The fade should never be higher than the bangs.

This is a little tricky because with most of today’s styles the bangs are either pushed up, combed to the side, or brushed straight back. For these styles cut the top first and then comb the bangs straight forward before beginning the fade. When you are clipper cutting the sides, start arching the clipper away from the head about a half of an inch below the bangs. This will leave enough room to blend the sides to the top without fading the hair too high.

This is a little easier with the shorter styles that get an edge-up. Make sure to leave yourself enough room for blending so the fade stops where the edge-up in the temple and forehead begins.

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