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How to Be a Barber: Customer Service Tips – Part 4: Always Be Honest

I was at a restaurant the other night with my family and had the absolute worst customer service experience in recent memory. We walked up to the podium and were told by the hostess the wait would only be 10- 15 minutes. Right away I knew there had to be a problem because I could see about 10 open tables. I decided to take her word for it and stay anyway. We waited the 15 minutes and I walked up to the podium to see where we were on the list. The hostess said it would only be about 10 or 15 minutes longer which I let her know I was already told when we got there.  After an insincere apology she sat us down right away.

Fast forward 10 minutes later and not one waiter or waitress even looked our way. I caught the hostess on the way by to let her know the situation. Another insincere apology and “I will send someone right over.” Another 10 minutes goes by and I decided to leave. I have never been treated like this before and there is no way the situation was going to get any better. Obviously I will never go back to this restaurant that we have been going to since they opened 10 years ago.

What does this have to do with the hair business? EVERYTHING
Here what should have happened:

1. I should have been told how long the actual wait was going to be.
2. I should have been told they made a mistake and didn’t have enough staff on to handle the volume of business that particular evening.
3. They should have been honest and suggested that tonight might not be the best night to have dinner there with 2 young children.

If they told me this I would have not been upset at all. I run a business and understand things happen. I would have just gone somewhere else to eat and have gone back to that restaurant another time. I have been short staffed before. I have had more than one barber call in on a busy day. By being honest you will have a lot better chance of keeping a customer happy than by telling them what they want to hear and not delivering. We are providing a personal service. Customers come to you because they like you. They respect your honesty and sincerety. You will not lose a customer even if you can’t accommodate them at their preferred time if you are honest.

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