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Clipper Cutting: Please Don’t Cut By Numbers – Part 3

Barbering or Men’s haircutting is a great business to be in and can be fun and rewarding. Being a barber can also give you a good steady income with job security. The barber business is a respected profession which should be taken seriously. We are all fortunate to be making our living this way in relaxed and relatively stress free atmosphere.

In previous blogs I wrote about why it is not a good idea to cut by numbers. In this blog I am going to give you the basic sizes of attachments and metal blades that will make it more professional and descriptive than clipper cutting by numbers.

The standard blade/attachment sizes from longest to shortest are:
– 1/2”
– 3/8”
– 1/4”
– 1/8”
– 1/16”
Anything size longer than ½” you are better off cutting with clipper over comb. Any size shorter is your adjustable clipper without an attachment, or a trimmer for the shortest. Those numbers are standard and they are: 1, 0A, 000, 0000, 00000.

When talking with the customer about how short they like to get their fade cut it is much more personalized and professional referring to the actual sizes than clipper cutting by numbers.

Stay tuned for the next blog in this series that will give real life examples to explain to customers how they get their haircut and how they should ask for it next time in the barbershop/hair salon.

Please visit http://www.mastersofbarbering.com for the very best in clipper cutting education.

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