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Clipper Cutting: The Art Of The Taper – Part 2

In the barbering world the word taper is used often. It can mean many things and be very confusing. By definition a tapered haircut means shorter hair around the perimeter of the haircut gradually getting longer. Sometimes it makes more sense to think of it as longer hair tapered down to shorter hair. It is really that simple. That is all a taper or tapered means.

The best way to finish off a haircut is with a tapered neckline. A tapered neckline is a natural looking hairline. In other words instead of a line on the back of the neck it is faded out making it look more natural and professional.

I am not sure if it is because I have been thinking about this topic a lot but I have seen more squared off hairlines than ever. As mentioned previously the correct way to finish off a haircut is to taper the neckline. If a man absolutely wants a squared off hairline there is a correct way and wrong way to do it.

The correct way to square off a hairline is to go through the steps to taper it out and at the very end make a straight line with the trimmer. Make sure this line is a low as possible and the portion of the hair graduating from shorter to longer is still visible.

The wrong way to square off a hairline is to cut the sides and back to one length and then square it off without any graduation. Even worse is to cut this line higher than the natural hairline. This can ruin the best of haircuts.

With any man’s haircut a natural finish is best. It shows a different level of professionalism and education. There are a lot of licensed barbers and cosmetologists out there. This is a great way for you to differentiate yourself and increase your retention rate.

Please check out the rest of the Masters Of Barbering website to learn more clipper cutting techniques.

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