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Clipper Cutting: Clipper Maintenance

You are only as good as your tools so it is extremely important to have the best clippers available. As stated in previous blogs we recommend you have three clippers to complete your barbering kit: A detachable blade clipper, an adjustable clipper, and a trimmer. It is equally important to take care of your clippers. There is a four step process required to keep your clippers clean and in good working condition:

1. Use a clipper brush to gently brush of your clipper blades in between every use. This will keep off any wet hair which can cause the blade to rust. It will also avoid getting the previous clients hair on the next client. Lastly, removing the excess hair will keep the blade moving back and forth at maximum speed and efficiency.

2. Spray disinfectant on the clippers after brushing them off. Point the can away from you and spray the clipper blade while it is running. This will kill any germs or viruses and keep the blade clean.

3. Lubricate the blades. Use quality clipper oil and place a small amount of oil on the clipper blade wherever you see metal rubbing against metal. This will allow the blade to run smother and extend the life of the motor.

4. Blade wash your blades at the end of the work day. While the clipper is running dip just the blade in the solution for 10 seconds. Lift it out of the solution and let the loose hair drip out of the blades and dry them off. All of that loose hair keeps the blade from running at optimum speed. This will also kill any germs or viruses.

Maintaining your clippers like this on a daily basis will keep them in excellent working condition for a long time.

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