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How To Cut Men’s Hair

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Modern Salon and First Chair magazine for asking me to write an article for them explaining the most important things you need to know when starting a career in men’s haircutting.

The above link is to the article in First Chair Magazine which is distributed to cosmetology schools throughout the country.

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Barber School Success Part 2 – Practice, Practice, Practice

In this blog I’d like to talkabout how to be successful in barber or cosmetology school.

The tip for this blog is to practice as many men’s haircuts and shaves as you can on the clinic floor. Make sure to practice all of the haircutting and shaving services you know you’re going to be providing when you are working full time as a barber. In school you have a certain number of men’s haircuts and shaves you have to sign off on so you can graduate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do more. The more practice you get learning how to cut men’s hair, the more good habits you’re going to form. You’re also going to show your teachers that you take your education very seriously and you take a lot of pride in what you do.

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Barber Tools – How To Hold The Barber Scissor

In this blog I would like to talk to you about your barbering scissor, how to hold it, and how it works.

To start out, I’m going to xplaine how to hold the barber scissor. Put your thumb in the thumb hole, not past your cuticle and your ring finger in the ring finger hole somewhere between your first knuckle and your middle knuckle. When you’re cutting just move your thumb and keep your other fingers stationary. By just moving your thumb the cutting blade only will move. This is how the scissor cuts correctly.  If you drop your elbow and hunch over both blades will move causing your barbering scissor to cut incorrectly.

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Clipper Cutting – Learn How To Cut Hair With Clippers

This is the first in the Masters of Barbering Video Blog Series covering a wide variety of topics. This video follows up on a previous blog teaching the correct way to describe a clipper cut. It is much more professional to educate your clients on how they get their hairctu by the blade measurement and not a number. This will make your customer feel important and unique giving him one more reason to keep coming back!


How To Cut Hair: How to Build Your Clientele – Part 1

One of the most important things to learn when learning how to cut hair is the importance of building your barbershop clientele. Without clients or customer you have no business. Without clients or customers it doesn’t matter how good you are.

There are many ways to go about building your barbershop clientele. Probably the easiest of all is to ask for referrals. I know that sound like sales and not something that has to do with cutting hair but that’s the way it is. We are selling ourselves on a daily basis.

Don’t overcomplicate it. It can be as simple as “Could you please tell your friends about me?” Everyone can say that. Think about it. Customers come back to us because they are getting a good haircut and they like us. You would help out someone you do business with and that you like if they ask you.

I am a third generation barber and I have heard my father say this for years. Customers react with a chuckle and an “Of Course!” I have seen this work for years and it doesn’t cost any money. Just smile and ask for help. Easy as that.

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How To Cut Hair: Mind your Business? – Part 1

This is a great question and one every employee of a barbershop or hair salon should think about. That’s right – Employee. Even if you work for someone you are in your own business. The fact that this is a commission business means the more haircuts or services you provide the more money you will make. It’s that simple. Build your chair and you will build your paycheck.

I would like you to imagine a 5 foot circle around your barber chair or beauty chair. This is your space. You have control of everything in it. You have no control of what goes on outside of that circle. Wasting time on what goes on outside of your circle takes away from all of the things you can do to build YOUR business. There are too many distractions to list but probably the number one to avoid is barbershop or hair salon gossip. It creates a negative energy/atmosphere even if the customers do not witness it in person.

To make the most out of your space treat it as your home. Just like your home is a reflection of you so is your work space. Keep it as clean as you would when you are home. Treat your customers the same way you treat invited guests. Whenever my family has invited guests over to our house it is always clean and we are on our best behavior. What do you think the results would be if you conducted your workspace/busienss in the same manner?

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Gregory’s Barbershop Hosts Coaches vs. Cancer Fundraiser – Jan. 22

Masters of Barbering founder Greg Zorian and Gregory’s Barbershop host their annual Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser. Recognized as one of the best places in Albany to get a hair cut, Gregory’s Barbershop is donating it’s time and services for this exceptional organization.

Full Press Release:

Its that time of year again at Gregory’s Barbershop

Every January, the top barbershop in the Capital District according to The Times Union, Metroland Magazine, Capital Region Living Magazine, and Hudson Valley Magazine, will be holding its annual haircut-a-thon fundraiser for the Coaches vs. Cancer organization.

The event will be held on January 22nd at Gregory’s Barbershop in Delmar from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Gregory’s Barbershop Coaches vs. Cancer event is being held the Sunday before the Coaches vs. Cancer basketball tournament at Siena College. This is the fourth year Gregory’s has partnered up with the head varsity basketball coach and dean of students at Albany Academies, Brian Fruscio.

Coach Fruscio and his three sons are long time customers of the barbershops. Master Barber Gregory Zorian III approached Coach Fruscio with the idea of donating the shops and the barbers’ time to give haircuts and shaves for a $20 donation. Many of Gregory’s 20 barbers and staff members are on hand to help.

$1000 dollars has been raised in each of the last four years but Gregory says $2000 is the goal based on the time they will be open and the number of chairs available:

“It is our goal this year to keep all eight chairs busy for the five hours. We have three tv’s that will be on so don’t worry about missing any NFL pregame shows or Championship games. We also have wi-fi available too.”

Gregory Zorian III, who is a frequent presenter at all of the local barber and cosmetology schools, will be including a free lesson to any student who gets a haircut or brings someone in for a haircut.

Gregory’s Barbershop has been recognized in national publications such as Four Seasons Magazine and Travel and Leisure Magazine as well as profiled in the Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering textbook used in barber schools around the country. In addition to the Coaches vs. Cancer event, Gregory’s donates time and resources to many charities in the Capital District including Wildwood Programs in Schenectady.

Gregory’s Barbershop recently redesigned it website and added many new features. By popular demand, Gregory’s will soon be be rolling out a customized online booking system in which clients can book an appointment anytime from any computer device or smart phone. Clients will be able to receive an e-mail and text message reminding them of their appointment. Gregory’s Barbershop has locations in Clifton Park, NY and Delmar, NY.

In addition to his work at Gregory’s Barbershop, in October of 2011 Greg Zorian III launched the first of its kind web based training program for barbers, cosmetologists, businesses, and barber/beauty schools called Masters of Barbering.

“We are teaching barbering to students as far away as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Indonesia as well as all throughout the United States” says Zorian.

Please help Gregory’s Barbershop and the Coaches vs. Cancer organization make this year the most successful event yet.


Clipper Cutting: Please Don’t Cut By Numbers – Part 4

Barbering or Men’s haircutting is a great business to be in and can be fun and rewarding. Being a barber can also give you a good steady income with job security. The barber business is a respected profession which should be taken seriously. We are all fortunate to be making our living this way in relaxed and relatively stress free atmosphere.

In previous blogs I wrote about why it is not a good idea to cut by numbers. In this blog I am going to give you real life examples on how to explain to the customer how they get their haircut. This will also be how they ask for their haircut next time they come into the barbershop or salon.

When talking with the customer of how high they like there fade there a couple of ways to go about it. You can ask them to point out where they like their fade; Low (just above the ear and below the occipital bone), medium (halfway to the temple area and the middle of the occipital bone), or high (to the temple area and above the occipital bone).

I personally like to measure the fade by the width of my fingers. Here are a few examples on how to explain or have your customer ask for their fade:

– 3 finger 3/8” taper
– 3 finger 3/8” taper with a 1finger 1/16” taper around the outline
– ½” Taper to the temples
– 2 finger ¼” Taper

These are just a few and you can come up with any combination. I will usually write this down on the back of a business card for the customer to carry with them so they know how to ask for their haircut. It makes the haircut sound much more detailed and is another reason for your customer to keep coming back to you.

Please visit for the very best in online clipper cutting education.


Barber Education: How Long it Takes to Build a Full Book of Appointments – Part 1

Creating customer loyalty is the key to long successful and profitable career in barbering . A common question I get when teaching is “How do I get more new clients in my chair?” The question I do not hear very often if at all is “How do I increase my customer retention?” This is the million dollar question and what should be your number concern. The fastest way to getting booked to max capacity is to keep your customers coming back to you.

In this blog I am going to cover the calculations of how long it will take to build your clientele. If you keep 50% of your new customers coming back every 4 weeks, how long do you think it will take to be fully booked? This question deserves serious consideration.

If you cut the hair of two new customers per day (10 per week) and half of them come back you would have 10 appointments booked per day in 10 months. In 15 months you will have 15 appointments booked per day. If you book 2 appointments per hour and take a half hour lunch break you would be at max capacity. In other words you can be at full capacity in only 15 months with a 50% retention rate. Imagine have fast you could get there with a 60%, 70%, or 75% retention rate. These numbers are a real possibility because men are extremely loyal.

Another important point to consider that will be covered in future blogs is the more demand you are in the higher price you can charge for your haircuts. The higher your prices the more you will also make in tips. A full book will guarantee you job security and consistent raises in a short period of time.

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Welcome to the Masters of Barbering Blog!

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