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Learn How to Be a Barber at The American College of Barbering in Louisville, Kentucky

The American College of Barbering in Louisville, Kentucky is a first class barber school that anyone in the area considering a rewarding career in barbering should consider attending. The school has a great atmosphere that starts with the staff of friendly, patient, and knowledgdable instructors. Josh Fackler (the owner of the school) is hands on and works with the students and instructors on a daily basis. He is going to accomplish some great things for the barber industry in the state of Kentucky.

I just finished  teaching at the  barber school and filming some haircutting and shaving lessons for the Masters Of Barbering website. The students were very attentive and friendly. I had a great time and felt right at home. The barber college is set up like a huge barbershop with around 20 chairs and customers coming in all day long. The best part about the set up is that when the students  graduate and begin their career as a barber they are going to be well prepared. Their daily routing will be just like what it was in school. As the saying goes, “You play like you practice”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and students of The American College of Barbering for their hospitality. I made a lot of knew friends that I will be keeping tabs on as they begin their careers. I am also looking forward to coming back and visiting real soon.


Barber School Success Part 4 – Keep Your Barber Tools With You At All Times

In this blog I would like to talk about how to be successful in barber or cosmetology school. The tip for this blog is one the most important things you need to do to be prepared for barber or cosmetology school.

Keep your barber tools with you at all times. It’s not a good idea to let your fellow students borrow your tools. What ultimately will  happen is somebody may break your tools, they may forget to bring them to school to give them back to you, or they might not be in school the next day to give you your tools back to you. This will reflect poorly on you and is not how you want to look in front of your instuctors. Your instructors are the ones who will be recommending you to your future employers.

All of your tools are included in your kit for a reason. You never know when you’re going to need them. Make sure you keep them with you at all times, keep them in good condition, and keep them clean. This is going to show your teachers as well as your classmates that you take what you do and your education very seriously. When people like myself and my colleagues come into your school to recruit your teachers are going to put you at the top of their list.

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Barber School Success Tips: Always Be Prepared

One of  the best ways to get the most out of barber school is to be prepared at all times. Being prepared for barber school means to always have your textbook with you and your tools with you. You can’t learn theory if you don’t have your textbook with you. You can’t learn how to give a clipper cut if you don’t have your clippers with you.

Another suggestion is not to lend your barber tools or barber books to anyone. A number of things can happen if lend them out. The day you need your textbook the student borrowing it could be out sick. The day you need your clippers that student might be out sick. The person borrowing your clippers might have dropped them by mistake and chipped the cutting blade without telling you about it. If they don’t tell you and you go to use the clipper on a customer you might cut them. If any of these things happen you are the one who is going to look bad.

Always keep your barbers textbooks with you as well as your barber tools – cleaned and in good working condition.

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How To Be A Barber: Barbershop Customer Service Tips – Part 4

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” – Mary Kay Ash

Saying goodbye to the customer in the correct way is just as important as welcoming the customer into the barbershop. We want the customer to feel just as appreciated and important as they felt when they came into the barbershop.

There are a few important things to consider doing every time a customer gets out of your chair and leaves the barbershop. It is really important to reinforce the service they are getting. We are selling ourselves the whole time the customer is in the barbershopshop. It is a good idea to compliment the hair cut in a way that does not come off as arrogant or bragging. For example, “This low fade really suits you”, or “This haircut will really grow in nicely. It does not look like you just had your haircut and as long as you come in within 4-5 weeks it will never look like you need one.” Something along those lines will work nicely.

When the customer gets out of the barber chair walk them up to the reception desk or wherever they are going to pay for the haircut. Thank your customer with a hand shake and always use their name. It is also a good idea to leave off with something like “It was nice talking to you today” or “I look forward to seeing you next time/month”. This is a great way to leave off so your customer feels just as appreciated and welcome on the way out of the barbershop as they did on the way in.

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How To Cut Hair: Mind your Business? – Part 1

This is a great question and one every employee of a barbershop or hair salon should think about. That’s right – Employee. Even if you work for someone you are in your own business. The fact that this is a commission business means the more haircuts or services you provide the more money you will make. It’s that simple. Build your chair and you will build your paycheck.

I would like you to imagine a 5 foot circle around your barber chair or beauty chair. This is your space. You have control of everything in it. You have no control of what goes on outside of that circle. Wasting time on what goes on outside of your circle takes away from all of the things you can do to build YOUR business. There are too many distractions to list but probably the number one to avoid is barbershop or hair salon gossip. It creates a negative energy/atmosphere even if the customers do not witness it in person.

To make the most out of your space treat it as your home. Just like your home is a reflection of you so is your work space. Keep it as clean as you would when you are home. Treat your customers the same way you treat invited guests. Whenever my family has invited guests over to our house it is always clean and we are on our best behavior. What do you think the results would be if you conducted your workspace/busienss in the same manner?

I would like to invite you to check out the rest of the Masters Of Barbering website to learn more about how to cut hair at the highest level.


Barber Classes: How to Be Successful In Barber School and Cosmetology School – Part 1

There are literally hundreds of ways to be successful in barber school and cosmetology school. The more you put into your schooling the more you will get out of it in the long run. Successful habits in barber school and cosmetology school will turn into successful habits in the barbershop or hair salon.

The topic for this blog is to always arrive at school fifteen minutes early. You should never be late for barber school. There are many advantages to arriving to barber school early:

1. You will have plenty of time to put your things away.
2. You will have time to pick the seat of your choice in the classroom.
3. You have time to clean your work station on the clinic floor.
4. You will have extra time to clean your tools and get ready for the day.
5. You will be able to get an extra few minutes with your teacher if you need it.
6. If something happens and you run late you still have a good chance to be on time.
7. You will develop an excellent habit that will carry over into the work force.
8. You will show your teachers you are serious about your education.
9. You will be one of the first students you teacher will recommend to a potential employer.
10. You will not start the day stressed out and in a hurry. It is much easier to learn in a relaxed state of mind.

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to arriving at barber school or cosmetology school fifteen minutes early every day. This good habit will follow you into your career which will help to make you more successful and most importantly more money.

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Clipper Cutting: Please Don’t Cut By Numbers – Part 2

Barbering or Men’s haircutting is a great business to be in and can be fun and rewarding. Being a barber can also give you a good steady income with job security. The barber business is a respected profession which should be taken seriously. We are all fortunate to be making our living this way in relaxed and relatively stress free atmosphere.

In the previous blog I wrote about why it is not a good idea to cut by numbers. In this blog I am going to give you some communication tips with your customer to make finding out how they like their clipper cut easier.

The first question I like to ask is would they like to have skin showing, a light or dark shadow, or complete scalp coverage. With experience you will know which blade lengths show skin, a shadow, or cover the scalp.

The next question I ask them is to point out how high they like their fade. This is very important. Every customer is different. Even if they would like the same haircut as someone else the fade will most likely not be in the exact same area. There are a lot reasons that determine how high the fade should be other than customer preference. I have written many blogs on that topic. Just click on the “How to Fade Hair” category on the right hand side of this blog page to find them.

Lastly, I would like to give you my final reason for not cutting by numbers when giving a clipper cut. Most metal blades and attachments have different numbers on them. When it comes to plastic attachments most different brands have different numbers. A number one clip on one brand may be the longest whereas a number one clip on another brand may be the shortest. Some of them don not even have numbers on them on measurements. The metal blades are different as well. They have half sizes and different numbers from different manufacturers as well.

Keep an eye out for part 3 of this series where I tell you how to name your fades and teach your customer how to ask for his fade. This will let your customer know you know your stuff, take pride in your work, and are different from most people that cut hair
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Clipper Cutting: Please Don’t Cut by Numbers – Part 1

Barbering or Men’s haircutting is a great business to be in and can be fun and rewarding. Being a barber can also give you a good steady income with job security. The barber business is a respected profession which should be taken seriously. We are all fortunate to be making our living this way in relaxed and relatively stress free atmosphere.

Before I get into the message of this blog I want to ask you a question. What think about a restaurant that you can order your meal by a number? This is what I think of: Fast food, mass produced, pre-prepared, in and out quickly, semi-professional at best, virtually anyone is qualified to cook or serve. Now I am going to ask you another question. Is this how you want your customers to think about you or your barbershop/hair salon?

A lot of you have probably never thought of it this way but that is exactly what your clipper cut customer thinks when you ask “What number do you get?” Most men have no idea what that means and do not know how to ask for their haircut anyway. As I have said in previous posts there was a time when the electric clipper did not exist and only a scissor and straight razor were used. There was something called a hand clipper but unless you could move your hand as fast as a motor you had a good chance of pulling as much hair as you cut.

A lot of clients wrongly associate a higher level of skill with a scissor cut vs. clipper cut. As industry professionals we need to do our best to teach our clients the education it takes to be good at clipper cutting. The fastest way to prove our client correct is to ask our clipper cut customers “What number do you get?”

Stay tuned for part 2 for instructions on how to get around clipper cutting by numbers.

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How to Become a Barber: Customer Service Tips – Part 3: Win Over the Wife, Girlfriend, or Mother and You Will Have a Customer for Life

There are many challenges to gaining and keeping customers with you. In today’s world we are bombarded with choices. When you get a chance do some research and find out how many places within a 5 minute drive from where you work you can get a haircut. In the United States alone there are about 225,000 licensed barbers and about 2,250,000 cosmetologists. Still think you are irreplaceable?

One of the tricks that work really well is keeping the wife, girlfriend, or mother of the customer happy. Make sure to ask your customer or one of the girls their opinion if they are present. This will go a long way to showing you really care and are committed to keeping your customer happy. I know sometimes it can be annoying with someone hovering over you when you are giving a haircut but take it as a challenge. They are just there because they want a good haircut for the man in their life. Any anxiety will go away with a good haircut which they can usually tell well before you are finished.

One of the things I try to do is find humor in the situation. I had a couple come into the shop that was getting married that weekend and the wife to be asked me if I could do a flat top. I told her it was my specialty. She looked at me and said, “That is what everyone has told me and he hasn’t gotten a good one yet.” I almost started to panicked but remembered I can give a good flat top. She stood so close to me while I was working I barely had enough room to work. Within a few minutes of starting the haircut she left the shop to go wait in the car. Just like I said in previous posts the customer will gain or lose confidence in you long before you finish the haircut.

There was no way I was going to let her off that easy. When I finished the haircut I walked out and told her she had to come back in to look at my masterpiece. I worked hard on this haircut and wanted at least half of a smile from her which I am not sure was possible based on the way she acted when they first walked in. She was all smiles when she saw her husband to be and they were repeat customers for as long as I worked at that shop.

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How to Cut Men’s Hair: Understanding Haircut Shape and Graduation

Learning how to cut men’s hair at an expert level requires an excellent understanding of the shape of a men’s haircut and the graduation of the haircut. These two terms may sound scary but I am going to make it real simple for you to understand. There are a lot of big words used in the hair industry but they all come down to basics. If you have a good understanding of all of your basic techniques you will be able to accomplish a tremendous level of success in your career.

Haircut Shape:

There are two shapes of a men’s haircut:

– Square: Think about a flat top. You are putting a square shape on a round object. Longer in the corners and in the front. The majority of men’s haircuts are no different. The hair needs to be longer in the bangs so the client can comb them to the side or back, longer in the round of the head section so the hair can be combed down or back without sticking out, and longer in the crown so the hair will lie down. All of your professional haircuts, boys haircuts, and the majority of low fade haircuts fall into this category.
– Contoured: These are the haircuts that follow the shape of the head. Instead of leaving the hair longer in the corners or the round of the head section the hair is cut to the shape of the head. Some of these haircuts include brush cuts, fauxhawks (and all of their variations), ceasar haircuts, and all of the variations of short haircuts with a flip in the front.


– This word is nothing more than a fancy way to say taper or fade. It means the hair is gradually cut from shorter to longer.
– When cutting any men’s hairstyle you need to determine ahead of time the best area of the haircut for the graduation.
– The area of graduation is determined by the length of the top. The longer the top the more extreme and lower on the head the graduation will be.
– The shorter the haircut the higher on the head form the graduation can be.
– The principles are the same wether the haircut is a low skin fade, a blowout haircut, or businessman’s haircut. The only differences are the tools and techniques used.

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