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How To Be A Barber: Continue Your Barber Education With Barber Videos

The first step to any good barber education is the proper schooling. Going to a good barber or cosmetology school is the START of your foundation as a barber or men’s hairstylist. After school the real work starts.

In this blog I want to talk about the important role of barber videos when learning how to be a barber. Before seeking out the kind of barber videos you will buy, watch, and learn from you need to do a little research:

1. Decide on the type of haircuts you most want to learn and specialize in. (The important thing to remember here is the type of haircuts that you can make money doing. Not one that is just cool to watch and is going to be very difficult or time consuming to provide slowing you down.
2. Find out the who the best barbers creating videos are. Do the research. You want to learn how to be a barber from the best. (Always remember, it takes a lot longer to break a bad habit than it does to form a good one.)
3. Barber videos come in many forms now. You can buy DVD’s, digital downloads, and streaming video on a pay per view basis. There a many options available which creates an incredible value in comparison to your investment in school. You can’t afford not watch and learn.

How do I find good barber videos and how much do they cost?

– There are many ways to find good barber videos. Ask your local barber supplier, check with the large national barber suppliers, google, youtube, amazon, facebook, twitter, and there are also tons of haircutting informational sites that promote barber videos.
– Barber videos are very inexpensive today. You can find them for as low a $9.95 on a pay per view basis. There are also companies giving access to hours’ worth of material for between $100 – $200 dollars.

It is impossible to calculate the return on such a small investment over the course of your career. Especially in comparison to the investment you have already made in your degree. Learning how to be a barber from the best barber videos gives will give you the best chance at achieving the level of income you dream of from the barber business.

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How to Be a Barber – Professionalism in the Barbershop – Part 1:

This is one of my favorite topics and a major contributing factor to a long profitable career. I would like to start out this topic with what I feel is one of the most important things you can do in the barbershop when you are learning how to be a barber:


This topic ties in to a lot of questions that I hear when teaching:

– How come I can’t charge more for a haircut?
– Why aren’t I getting better tips?
– Why am I not getting the customer’s with high paying jobs?
– Why do people treat me like I am just here to serve them instead of like professional?

I have been cutting hair in the barbershop for 20 years and I have felt like this myself at different times in my career as well.

I am going to answer these questions with more questions:

– Do you dress like you are worth more for a haircut?
– Do you dress like you take your job seriously?
– Do you dress like the customer’s with those higher paying jobs?
– Do you dress like a professional?

I highly recommend wearing a nice pair of dress pants with a freshly ironed, long sleeve, dress shirt with a collar. A knee length skirt is also very professional for female barbers. For both men and women if you really want to impress you can never go wrong with a tie. Make sure to finish off with a pair of comfortable, shined, dress shoes. If you are going to wear a barber smock I still recommend wearing the professional attire underneath. Look at any turn of the century barbershop photos and this is exactly what you will see.

If you follow these guidelines you will be amazed at the difference in the way your customers interact with you and the increase in your tips. All of this will allow you to raise your prices on consistent basis as the demand for your service increases.

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