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DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology

Greg at the DiGrigoli School of Cosmetoloy

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Digrigoli School of Cosmetology  for inviting me  to spend the morning with them recently. I taught a 3 hour class on men’s haircutting/barbering. I had the opportunity to demonstrate 4 haircuts for them. I cut a faux hawk, a basic short fade with some hair on top, a teen idol type of haircut (you know who I am talking about), and a taper . The students were extremely attentive and appreciative for the whole class (3 hours without a break). At the end of the day after I packed my car to drive home Paul DiGrigoli called me back into the classroom where I was presented with a huge thank you card on poster board that all of the students signed. It feels great to be appreciated!
The DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology is a first class organazation that I would recommend to anyone living in  Massachussettes that is thinking about attending cosmetology school. It starts with Paul DiGrigoli who is one of the most motivating individuals I have ever met. Next is a staff of extremely friendly and knowledgable instructors that I enjoy spending time with everytime I teach there. Last but not least, the students. I am always treated with respect and their undivided attention. I look forward to seeing you all again in a few months.



Men’s Haircutting Courses: Continuing Your Barber Education – Part 2

The first step to any good barber/men’s haircutting education is the proper schooling. Going to a good barber or cosmetology school is the START of your foundation as a barber or men’s hairstylist. After school the real work starts.

A great way to continue your education is through men’s haircutting courses. There are a variety of companies and individuals that off these men’s haircutting classes. You can find these companies or individuals many different ways. You can search trade organizations, youtube, google, check with product websites, or through recommendations from co-workers or your school.

When deciding on a company or individual it is a good idea to see a sample of their work. Make sure if it is a website you can see a sample of a men’s haircutting class they offer. You want to check the quality and professionalism of the video and clarity of the audio. It is also more beneficial if written step guides are included with the videos.

If you are going to take a live class it is still a good idea to view a portfolio of haircuts from your potential instructor. You should also interview 3-5 current or former students and ask as many questions as you can. There are a lot of people and companies that are very quick to take your hard earned money so please do your research to make sure you will get the best return for your investment.

Please visit http://www.mastersofbarbering.com for the very best in online men’s haircutting courses.