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DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology

Greg at the DiGrigoli School of Cosmetoloy

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Digrigoli School of Cosmetology  for inviting me  to spend the morning with them recently. I taught a 3 hour class on men’s haircutting/barbering. I had the opportunity to demonstrate 4 haircuts for them. I cut a faux hawk, a basic short fade with some hair on top, a teen idol type of haircut (you know who I am talking about), and a taper . The students were extremely attentive and appreciative for the whole class (3 hours without a break). At the end of the day after I packed my car to drive home Paul DiGrigoli called me back into the classroom where I was presented with a huge thank you card on poster board that all of the students signed. It feels great to be appreciated!
The DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology is a first class organazation that I would recommend to anyone living in  Massachussettes that is thinking about attending cosmetology school. It starts with Paul DiGrigoli who is one of the most motivating individuals I have ever met. Next is a staff of extremely friendly and knowledgable instructors that I enjoy spending time with everytime I teach there. Last but not least, the students. I am always treated with respect and their undivided attention. I look forward to seeing you all again in a few months.



Barber School Success Part 3 – Keep Your Barber Textbook With You At All Times

The tip for this blog is always have your barber textbook with you. Your textbook comes in your barber school kit for a reason. All the information you need to know for the real world and each school day is in there. You can’t learn from your barber textbook if you don’t have it with you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m at a barber school or a cosmetology school and students are fumbling around to borrow a barber or cosmetology textbook from a fellow student with the barber instructor asking “Why don’t you have your textbook?” If you bring it home put it in your car or in your backpack so you are done using it.

Another thing I learned early on is to never let anybody borrow my barber books. It never fails. You think you are helping out until the next day your fellow student is either out sick or forgets to bring your book back to school. This will make you look unprepared and unorganized.

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How To Cut Men’s Hair


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Modern Salon and First Chair magazine for asking me to write an artilcle for them explaining the most important things someone beginning a career in men’s haircutting needs to know.

The above link is to the magazine article in the current edition of First Chair Magazine.

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Barber School – How To Get The Most Out Of Barber School

In this blog I would like to talk about about how to be successful in barber or cosmetology school.

The topic of this blog is to pay close attention to those students that are giving the quality of hairucts that you would like to duplicate. What this is going to do is show your teachers, as well as your fellow classmates, that you’ve put ego aside and you’re humble enough to learn from one of your fellow students. You never knowwhat one tip, technique or trick that you’re going to pick up is going to help you tremendously and make you a lot of money throughout your career.

What it’s also going to show your teachers is that you take the barbering profession very seriously as well as your barbering education . They are  going to have no problem recommending you to people like myself or my colleagues when we come into your school to recruit.

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How To Cut Men’s Hair – Always Keep A Positive Attitude

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” –  Winston Churchill

Energy is contagious. This works both ways weather the energy is positive or negative. Attitudes also work the same way. One of the most important things you can possibly do when learning how to cut men’s hair is to  maintain a positive attitude at all times. Customers notice everything and can sense anything.

Think about that one customer you have who sits down in your barber chair for a men’s haircut and takes a long lasting loud breath. Then he hits you with it. He starts complaining for the duration of the haircut about anything and everything. How does this make you feel? Is it a drain on your energy? How does it affect your attitude? How long does it take to get rid of this feeling?

Now, think about the customer that you have been looking forward to cutting his hair since you noticed his name on the appointment book. You know as soon as he sits in your barber chair he is going to tell you how great of a day it is, how nice the weather is, or ask you how you are doing and really listen to your response. How does this make you feel? Does it completely lift your spirits immediately? Does it put you in a positive mindset? How long does it last?

Which scenario is most appealing to you? I am sure you answered the second one. What if you could make every customer you come in contact with feel this positive and energetic? How many repeat clients would you have? How high would your retention rate be?
Just imaging all you could accomplish just by maintaining a positive attitude.

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Clipper Cutting – Learn How To Cut Hair With Clippers

This is the first in the Masters of Barbering Video Blog Series covering a wide variety of topics. This video follows up on a previous blog teaching the correct way to describe a clipper cut. It is much more professional to educate your clients on how they get their hairctu by the blade measurement and not a number. This will make your customer feel important and unique giving him one more reason to keep coming back!


How To Cut Hair: Mind your Business? – Part 1

This is a great question and one every employee of a barbershop or hair salon should think about. That’s right – Employee. Even if you work for someone you are in your own business. The fact that this is a commission business means the more haircuts or services you provide the more money you will make. It’s that simple. Build your chair and you will build your paycheck.

I would like you to imagine a 5 foot circle around your barber chair or beauty chair. This is your space. You have control of everything in it. You have no control of what goes on outside of that circle. Wasting time on what goes on outside of your circle takes away from all of the things you can do to build YOUR business. There are too many distractions to list but probably the number one to avoid is barbershop or hair salon gossip. It creates a negative energy/atmosphere even if the customers do not witness it in person.

To make the most out of your space treat it as your home. Just like your home is a reflection of you so is your work space. Keep it as clean as you would when you are home. Treat your customers the same way you treat invited guests. Whenever my family has invited guests over to our house it is always clean and we are on our best behavior. What do you think the results would be if you conducted your workspace/busienss in the same manner?

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Clipper Cutting: Please Don’t Cut By Numbers – Part 4

Barbering or Men’s haircutting is a great business to be in and can be fun and rewarding. Being a barber can also give you a good steady income with job security. The barber business is a respected profession which should be taken seriously. We are all fortunate to be making our living this way in relaxed and relatively stress free atmosphere.

In previous blogs I wrote about why it is not a good idea to cut by numbers. In this blog I am going to give you real life examples on how to explain to the customer how they get their haircut. This will also be how they ask for their haircut next time they come into the barbershop or salon.

When talking with the customer of how high they like there fade there a couple of ways to go about it. You can ask them to point out where they like their fade; Low (just above the ear and below the occipital bone), medium (halfway to the temple area and the middle of the occipital bone), or high (to the temple area and above the occipital bone).

I personally like to measure the fade by the width of my fingers. Here are a few examples on how to explain or have your customer ask for their fade:

– 3 finger 3/8” taper
– 3 finger 3/8” taper with a 1finger 1/16” taper around the outline
– ½” Taper to the temples
– 2 finger ¼” Taper

These are just a few and you can come up with any combination. I will usually write this down on the back of a business card for the customer to carry with them so they know how to ask for their haircut. It makes the haircut sound much more detailed and is another reason for your customer to keep coming back to you.

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Clipper Cutting – Clipper Models, Clipper Companies, Clipper Advice

So you want to become a barber or cut hair like one. What next? First of all you need an excellent barber education. Next, you need to learn about the best barber tools and how to use them correctly.

There are three different types of clippers you will need to be efficient in barbering/men’s haircutting:

1. The detachable blade clipper – This clipper has a strong motor with metal blades that are removable. The advantage of these clippers is they are very powerful and will move through thick wet hair with ease.
They are excellent for fades and tapers. As you use an arcing motion away from the head the blades will still cut avoiding sharp lines of demarcation.
2. The adjustable clipper – An adjustable clipper has a lever on the side that adjusts the blade size. This type of clipper is ideal for tapered hairlines and skin length fades because you are not constantly changing blades. They are also great for clipper over comb or cutting with an attachment on light to medium density hair.
3. The trimmer – This is the clipper you will use for outlining, edging, and shaving the neck and sideburn area. It has a 00000 blade which is the closest cut before using a straight razor. They come with a narrow blade (size of the clipper casing) or a t-blade (wider than the clipper casing)

In my experience there are three reputable clipper manufacturers. The clippers in each category listed above that I recommend are:

1. Detachable blade clippers – The Classic 76 made by Oster Clippers and the BGRC made by Andis Clippers
2. The adjustable clippers – The Fast Feed made by Oster Clippers, The Master or The Envy made by Andis Clippers, The Designer made by Wahl Clippers
3. Trimmers – The T-finisher by Oster Clippers, The Black Flame or Outliner II with a t-blade made by Andis Clippers

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How to Cut Men’s Hair: Understanding Haircut Shape and Graduation

Learning how to cut men’s hair at an expert level requires an excellent understanding of the shape of a men’s haircut and the graduation of the haircut. These two terms may sound scary but I am going to make it real simple for you to understand. There are a lot of big words used in the hair industry but they all come down to basics. If you have a good understanding of all of your basic techniques you will be able to accomplish a tremendous level of success in your career.

Haircut Shape:

There are two shapes of a men’s haircut:

– Square: Think about a flat top. You are putting a square shape on a round object. Longer in the corners and in the front. The majority of men’s haircuts are no different. The hair needs to be longer in the bangs so the client can comb them to the side or back, longer in the round of the head section so the hair can be combed down or back without sticking out, and longer in the crown so the hair will lie down. All of your professional haircuts, boys haircuts, and the majority of low fade haircuts fall into this category.
– Contoured: These are the haircuts that follow the shape of the head. Instead of leaving the hair longer in the corners or the round of the head section the hair is cut to the shape of the head. Some of these haircuts include brush cuts, fauxhawks (and all of their variations), ceasar haircuts, and all of the variations of short haircuts with a flip in the front.


– This word is nothing more than a fancy way to say taper or fade. It means the hair is gradually cut from shorter to longer.
– When cutting any men’s hairstyle you need to determine ahead of time the best area of the haircut for the graduation.
– The area of graduation is determined by the length of the top. The longer the top the more extreme and lower on the head the graduation will be.
– The shorter the haircut the higher on the head form the graduation can be.
– The principles are the same wether the haircut is a low skin fade, a blowout haircut, or businessman’s haircut. The only differences are the tools and techniques used.

Please visit http://www.mastersofbarbering.com to learn how to cut men’s hair online in an easy to follow step by step system including videos, written lessons, and head shape diagrams.