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How To Cut Hair: How to Build Your Clientele – Part 1

One of the most important things to learn when learning how to cut hair is the importance of building your barbershop clientele. Without clients or customer you have no business. Without clients or customers it doesn’t matter how good you are.

There are many ways to go about building your barbershop clientele. Probably the easiest of all is to ask for referrals. I know that sound like sales and not something that has to do with cutting hair but that’s the way it is. We are selling ourselves on a daily basis.

Don’t overcomplicate it. It can be as simple as “Could you please tell your friends about me?” Everyone can say that. Think about it. Customers come back to us because they are getting a good haircut and they like us. You would help out someone you do business with and that you like if they ask you.

I am a third generation barber and I have heard my father say this for years. Customers react with a chuckle and an “Of Course!” I have seen this work for years and it doesn’t cost any money. Just smile and ask for help. Easy as that.

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Clipper Cutting: Please Don’t Cut By Numbers – Part 4

Barbering or Men’s haircutting is a great business to be in and can be fun and rewarding. Being a barber can also give you a good steady income with job security. The barber business is a respected profession which should be taken seriously. We are all fortunate to be making our living this way in relaxed and relatively stress free atmosphere.

In previous blogs I wrote about why it is not a good idea to cut by numbers. In this blog I am going to give you real life examples on how to explain to the customer how they get their haircut. This will also be how they ask for their haircut next time they come into the barbershop or salon.

When talking with the customer of how high they like there fade there a couple of ways to go about it. You can ask them to point out where they like their fade; Low (just above the ear and below the occipital bone), medium (halfway to the temple area and the middle of the occipital bone), or high (to the temple area and above the occipital bone).

I personally like to measure the fade by the width of my fingers. Here are a few examples on how to explain or have your customer ask for their fade:

– 3 finger 3/8” taper
– 3 finger 3/8” taper with a 1finger 1/16” taper around the outline
– ½” Taper to the temples
– 2 finger ¼” Taper

These are just a few and you can come up with any combination. I will usually write this down on the back of a business card for the customer to carry with them so they know how to ask for their haircut. It makes the haircut sound much more detailed and is another reason for your customer to keep coming back to you.

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How to Become a Barber: Customer Service Tips – Part 3: Win Over the Wife, Girlfriend, or Mother and You Will Have a Customer for Life

There are many challenges to gaining and keeping customers with you. In today’s world we are bombarded with choices. When you get a chance do some research and find out how many places within a 5 minute drive from where you work you can get a haircut. In the United States alone there are about 225,000 licensed barbers and about 2,250,000 cosmetologists. Still think you are irreplaceable?

One of the tricks that work really well is keeping the wife, girlfriend, or mother of the customer happy. Make sure to ask your customer or one of the girls their opinion if they are present. This will go a long way to showing you really care and are committed to keeping your customer happy. I know sometimes it can be annoying with someone hovering over you when you are giving a haircut but take it as a challenge. They are just there because they want a good haircut for the man in their life. Any anxiety will go away with a good haircut which they can usually tell well before you are finished.

One of the things I try to do is find humor in the situation. I had a couple come into the shop that was getting married that weekend and the wife to be asked me if I could do a flat top. I told her it was my specialty. She looked at me and said, “That is what everyone has told me and he hasn’t gotten a good one yet.” I almost started to panicked but remembered I can give a good flat top. She stood so close to me while I was working I barely had enough room to work. Within a few minutes of starting the haircut she left the shop to go wait in the car. Just like I said in previous posts the customer will gain or lose confidence in you long before you finish the haircut.

There was no way I was going to let her off that easy. When I finished the haircut I walked out and told her she had to come back in to look at my masterpiece. I worked hard on this haircut and wanted at least half of a smile from her which I am not sure was possible based on the way she acted when they first walked in. She was all smiles when she saw her husband to be and they were repeat customers for as long as I worked at that shop.

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How to Be a Barber: Customer Service Tips – Part 4: Always Be Honest

I was at a restaurant the other night with my family and had the absolute worst customer service experience in recent memory. We walked up to the podium and were told by the hostess the wait would only be 10- 15 minutes. Right away I knew there had to be a problem because I could see about 10 open tables. I decided to take her word for it and stay anyway. We waited the 15 minutes and I walked up to the podium to see where we were on the list. The hostess said it would only be about 10 or 15 minutes longer which I let her know I was already told when we got there.  After an insincere apology she sat us down right away.

Fast forward 10 minutes later and not one waiter or waitress even looked our way. I caught the hostess on the way by to let her know the situation. Another insincere apology and “I will send someone right over.” Another 10 minutes goes by and I decided to leave. I have never been treated like this before and there is no way the situation was going to get any better. Obviously I will never go back to this restaurant that we have been going to since they opened 10 years ago.

What does this have to do with the hair business? EVERYTHING
Here what should have happened:

1. I should have been told how long the actual wait was going to be.
2. I should have been told they made a mistake and didn’t have enough staff on to handle the volume of business that particular evening.
3. They should have been honest and suggested that tonight might not be the best night to have dinner there with 2 young children.

If they told me this I would have not been upset at all. I run a business and understand things happen. I would have just gone somewhere else to eat and have gone back to that restaurant another time. I have been short staffed before. I have had more than one barber call in on a busy day. By being honest you will have a lot better chance of keeping a customer happy than by telling them what they want to hear and not delivering. We are providing a personal service. Customers come to you because they like you. They respect your honesty and sincerety. You will not lose a customer even if you can’t accommodate them at their preferred time if you are honest.

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Barber Education: How Long it Takes to Build a Full Book of Appointments – Part 1

Creating customer loyalty is the key to long successful and profitable career in barbering . A common question I get when teaching is “How do I get more new clients in my chair?” The question I do not hear very often if at all is “How do I increase my customer retention?” This is the million dollar question and what should be your number concern. The fastest way to getting booked to max capacity is to keep your customers coming back to you.

In this blog I am going to cover the calculations of how long it will take to build your clientele. If you keep 50% of your new customers coming back every 4 weeks, how long do you think it will take to be fully booked? This question deserves serious consideration.

If you cut the hair of two new customers per day (10 per week) and half of them come back you would have 10 appointments booked per day in 10 months. In 15 months you will have 15 appointments booked per day. If you book 2 appointments per hour and take a half hour lunch break you would be at max capacity. In other words you can be at full capacity in only 15 months with a 50% retention rate. Imagine have fast you could get there with a 60%, 70%, or 75% retention rate. These numbers are a real possibility because men are extremely loyal.

Another important point to consider that will be covered in future blogs is the more demand you are in the higher price you can charge for your haircuts. The higher your prices the more you will also make in tips. A full book will guarantee you job security and consistent raises in a short period of time.

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How to Cut Boys Hair – Part 1:

This is a very interesting topic to say the least. There is a lot of anxiety among barbers and cosmetologists when it comes to cutting young boys hair. One thing to always remember is that customers notice everything. This is especially true for young boys. The younger they are the less likely they are to hide how they feel. Except for the occasional uncontrollable boys haircut there are many things you can do to make the young boy’s haircut experience go much smoother.

In this blog I am going to cover how to make your young customer feel comfortable with you. For most kids getting a professional haircut is a new experience. They usually start out with mom trimming their bangs and curls in the kitchen or their dad giving them a buzz cut in the garage. Now they are in a new place with a stranger coming near them with sharp objects. Children are used to and love a routine. It is up to you to help establish a new one to make them feel comfortable.

A few ideas to set young boys at ease in the barbershop:

1. Introduce yourself to them with a big smile and a high five. This will help to put you at their level, not just another authority figure.
2. Promise them a gift if they are good. A traditional tootsie pops work great.
3. Have a special haircloth just for them. There a lot of different kinds to choose from. Check with your local barber supplier.
4. Get them involved in the haircut. Let them hold a comb, help you turn on the clippers, and help sweep up the hair when you are done.
5. Give them another high five at the end of the haircut and tell them you can’t wait to see them next time.

If you are at ease there is a good chance that your young customer will be at ease. If you are afraid and full of anxiety your young customer will be afraid and full of anxiety. Get in the habit of practicing these simple things and you will definitely have a customer for life. I have been cutting hair for 20 years now and these little guys are now college guys who always stop in to see me when they are home on a break or visiting family.

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How to Be a Barber – Customer Service Tips Part 2: Drape Your Customer with Confidence.

You are probably asking yourself “Why is he writing about something so simple and routine?” There is nothing simple and routine when you are in the customer service business. Doing the simple and routine things consistently is what makes your services exceptional. In today’s world there is a huge difference in the money you will make providing exceptional service vs. just good enough service.

Drape your customer with confidence. After you greet your customer this is the next step. The customer should already be at ease and starting to feel confident in you after the proper greeting. The customer greeting has been covered in previous blogs. Now, on to draping the customer:

1. When putting on the haircloth, stand in front of the customer. Hold the haircloth with your hands far enough apart so when wrapping it around the customer it spreads out like a sheet.
2. Never let the haircloth touch any part of the customer skin. Leave it resting on the shirt.
3. Wrap a neck strip, paper towel, or cloth towel around the customer’s neck before fastening the haircloth.
4. The haircloth should be snug so hair will not fall down inside the customer’s shirt but should not be so tight they are struggling to breath.
5. Fold down over the top of the haircloth the neck strip, paper towel, or cloth towel.

I never realized how important draping the customer was until about 14 years ago. A guest barber came to one of my family’s barbershops for a shaving promotion. He worked for one of the famous Geo F. Trumper barbershops in London, England. I was his first shave of the day and it was my first time getting a shave. After the way he draped me with the haircloth I had complete confidence in him and all anxiety I had was gone.

Whoever though something so simple and routing could have such an impact on becoming exceptional?

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Online Barber Education – Business Tips – Part1:

One of the best things about a career in barbering or cosmetology is the freedom it gives you to build your business and income in the process. This freedom goes for employees as well as chair renters and barbershop/salon owners. The bigger you build your client base the higher your weekly earnings will be.

In this blog I would like to focus on employees of barbershops and hair salons. Wether you realize it or not you have a lot of freedom to build your clientele. It is not just up to your employer to put people in your chair. There are a number of things you can do to increase your book or the amount of people requesting your services:

1. Ask for referrals. When your customers are happy with their cut ask them to tell their friends about you. This is the simplest way to increase your customer base.

2. Always have business cards on you wherever you go. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you do. Hand them out at the grocery store, mall, restaurants, ect. Remember, everyone wants to look good.

3. If it is OK with your employer offer current clients 50% of their next haircut if they bring a friend with them. Give their friend the same discount.

4. Keep your skills up to date by continuing your barber education. Find a local barber school or quality online barber videos that offer continuing education.

5. Dress professional and keep your work area clean at all times. Customers will notice the pride you take in your work and yourself.

There are so many things you can do to build your book and requests. These are just a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction. Be creative and have fun. This is your career and your future.

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Barbering Education Online – Creating Customer Loyalty Part 2:

I know I just wrote part 1 yesterday but I heard a customer say something to the barber cutting their hair this morning that I have write about immediately. Samantha was about 2-3 minutes into the haircut and the customer says to her he can always tell when a barber has confidence. I couldn’t believe it because I had this topic on my schedule to write this barber blog in a few days. This is a great topic and builds on what I said previously that customers notice everything.

In this barber blog I would like to talk about what you can do to make your customer feel your confidence and in turn have confidence and trust in you.

1. Greet your customer by name, with a smile, and a firm handshake.                                                                                                                                          2. Keep your workstation clean. The mirror should be clean with no streaks, tools put away, and no hair on the counter or chair.
3. When draping the customer with a towel/neck strip and hair cloth use a firm and confident touch.
4. Look the customer in the eye when asking them how they like their hair cut and make suggestions when appropriate.
5. Handle your tools with confidence. Use a firm and confident touch without being rough.

Following these suggestions will increase your customer retention rate. Repeat customers are the name of the game. They will make sure you get a good paycheck no matter what the economy is doing. These are only a few suggestions as this barber blog could on forever.

Remember, customers notice everything. Make sure everything you do you do it with confidence.

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How To Be A Barber – Customer Service Tips Part 2: Stay on Time

When cutting hair in the barbershop, it is extremely important to stay on time. This statement can take on a few different meanings:

1. When taking appointments make sure to be on time for you clients. Schedule them far enough apart so if someone is 5-10 minutes late you won’t run late for the next customer. The only thing to be careful of is scheduling too far apart where you can’t get all of your customers booked and/or you have too few appointment slots in a day which will cost you money.
2. If you are working on strictly walk-ins it is equally important to stay on time. Even though the customers waiting do not have an appointment you still do not want the wait to be too long. In todays’ world everyone is extremely busy and time is precious. Establish a base line for how long your haircuts will take you and stick to it. Customers respect and expect this consistency.

A few suggestions that can help you stay on time are:

– Wear a watch to make sure that you stick to your allowed time. I wouldn’t wear an expensive one because you might get it wet and you will probably get hair spray and gel on it.
– Another tip is if I get talking with a customer and I am running behind, my front desk coordinator will come and sweep for me giving me the subtle hint to get moving. Your customers will greatly appreciate your timeliness and it will result in increased retention rate, commissions, and tips.

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