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Clipper Cutting – It’s All About Blending

To be a successful clipper cutter you have to be a master at blending. What is  blending?  Blending means the same as tapering and fading. By definition as we covered in previous blogs blending/tapering/fading men’s hair means shorter to longer with no line of demarcation. That’s it and nothing more. There is no big secret.

Actually there are two secrets: EDUCATION and PRACTICE.

With just about all of todays’ styles of men’s haircuts some form of blending is required. Think about the hairstyles. Shorter to longer wether it is a tapered hairline, a half inch on the sides blended to a layer top, or a skin length fade. They all blend from shorter to longer without a line of demarcation. The only difference is the technique used. Will you blend/taper/fade with a blade on skin technique or a clipper over comb technique. It is extremely important you know how to do both and when each one is appropriate.

This leads us to practice. We have all heard practice makes perfect but how many of you out there do not want to do anything you are not good at. Don’t worry. I am the same as you. I struggled with flat tops in the beginning of my career and I can’t remember how many of them I did to get to the point I am qualified to teach them. Put an advertisement in the classifieds for free haircuts, offer friends free haircuts, or go to the local college campus and put up free haircut fliers. Do whatever it takes to get as much practice as you can.

More men than ever  are going to salons to get haircuts. They make up half of the population and in some salons they account for over 50% of the clientele. If you are a recent cosmetology school graduate you can’t afford not to learn these techniques. One more thing to keep in mind: male customers are very loyal and excellent tippers $$$.

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Clipper Cutting: The Art Of The Taper – Part 1

In the barbering world the word taper is used often. It can mean many things and be very confusing. By definition a tapered haircut means shorter hair around the perimeter of the haircut gradually getting longer. Sometimes it makes more sense to think of it as longer hair tapered down to shorter hair. It is really that simple. That is all a taper or tapered means.

Now I will get into how it can get complicated:

– What is a fade?
– What is a tapered haircut?
– Does a taper show skin on the sides?
– How high should the taper/fade be cut?
– How should the hairline or outline of the haircut be cut?

These are just a few of the ways that the word taper can be over complicated. In this blog I am going to talk about a tapered/faded hairline. The first thing to learn is the words taper and fade mean the same. The hair is cut (tapered/faded) from shorter to longer. Please do not complicate it any more than that. Again, it is that simple.
A tapered outline of a haircut is a great way to finish off men and boys haircut. It looks more finished and professional than just making a line on the back of the neck. Picture a 1 finger width area around the outline of the haircut. Instead of blocking it off this area should have a 45 degree bevel which will leave a soft finish that TAPERS down to the skin without a line. The adjustable clipper is the ideal tool to use combined with the clipper over comb and blade on skin techniques.

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