How to Be a Barber – Customer Service Tips Part 2: Drape Your Customer with Confidence.

You are probably asking yourself “Why is he writing about something so simple and routine?” There is nothing simple and routine when you are in the customer service business. Doing the simple and routine things consistently is what makes your services exceptional. In today’s world there is a huge difference in the money you will make providing exceptional service vs. just good enough service.

Drape your customer with confidence. After you greet your customer this is the next step. The customer should already be at ease and starting to feel confident in you after the proper greeting. The customer greeting has been covered in previous blogs. Now, on to draping the customer:

1. When putting on the haircloth, stand in front of the customer. Hold the haircloth with your hands far enough apart so when wrapping it around the customer it spreads out like a sheet.
2. Never let the haircloth touch any part of the customer skin. Leave it resting on the shirt.
3. Wrap a neck strip, paper towel, or cloth towel around the customer’s neck before fastening the haircloth.
4. The haircloth should be snug so hair will not fall down inside the customer’s shirt but should not be so tight they are struggling to breath.
5. Fold down over the top of the haircloth the neck strip, paper towel, or cloth towel.

I never realized how important draping the customer was until about 14 years ago. A guest barber came to one of my family’s barbershops for a shaving promotion. He worked for one of the famous Geo F. Trumper barbershops in London, England. I was his first shave of the day and it was my first time getting a shave. After the way he draped me with the haircloth I had complete confidence in him and all anxiety I had was gone.

Whoever though something so simple and routing could have such an impact on becoming exceptional?

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