How to Cut Men’s Hair: Understanding Haircut Shape and Graduation

Learning how to cut men’s hair at an expert level requires an excellent understanding of the shape of a men’s haircut and the graduation of the haircut. These two terms may sound scary but I am going to make it real simple for you to understand. There are a lot of big words used in the hair industry but they all come down to basics. If you have a good understanding of all of your basic techniques you will be able to accomplish a tremendous level of success in your career.

Haircut Shape:

There are two shapes of a men’s haircut:

– Square: Think about a flat top. You are putting a square shape on a round object. Longer in the corners and in the front. The majority of men’s haircuts are no different. The hair needs to be longer in the bangs so the client can comb them to the side or back, longer in the round of the head section so the hair can be combed down or back without sticking out, and longer in the crown so the hair will lie down. All of your professional haircuts, boys haircuts, and the majority of low fade haircuts fall into this category.
– Contoured: These are the haircuts that follow the shape of the head. Instead of leaving the hair longer in the corners or the round of the head section the hair is cut to the shape of the head. Some of these haircuts include brush cuts, fauxhawks (and all of their variations), ceasar haircuts, and all of the variations of short haircuts with a flip in the front.


– This word is nothing more than a fancy way to say taper or fade. It means the hair is gradually cut from shorter to longer.
– When cutting any men’s hairstyle you need to determine ahead of time the best area of the haircut for the graduation.
– The area of graduation is determined by the length of the top. The longer the top the more extreme and lower on the head the graduation will be.
– The shorter the haircut the higher on the head form the graduation can be.
– The principles are the same wether the haircut is a low skin fade, a blowout haircut, or businessman’s haircut. The only differences are the tools and techniques used.

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